Installing Your Wallpaper and How to Avoid Creases

Installing Your Wallpaper and How to Avoid Creases

If you have ever seen or heard of how traditional wallpapers are installed, you may avoid the chance of ever taking a stab at it yourself for your own home. A lot can go wrong with the alternate methods, and depending on the quality of materials used for your wallpaper may affect the overall look. Did we mention the prep work needed before and during the actual install process? You can have a beautiful professional-grade wallpaper install with our wallpaper murals. We will also share some tips on how to avoid creases during the transformation.

The Paper Simply Difference

Paper Simply Simple Wallpaper Install

Before we jump in, we have some recommended tools to help your project go a lot smoother. You'll need a straight edge or ruler, a wallpaper sponge or a soft cloth, a pencil, a sharp cutting tool or scissors, a plumb line, and a buddy. Make sure you and your buddy understand that slow and steady will win the race. This activity's leisure pace will yield the best results and help you avoid those pesky creases. One way we help to alleviate flaws like creases or blisters is our quality of paper. We source the highest quality of substrate for wall coverings. All of our designs come in two paper options: Verde and Goldie.

Install and Avoid Creases Peel and Stick

Verde is a crisp white eco-friendly paper option that is made from recycled components. Reusing materials to form our Verde paper makes our carbon footprint smaller and our paper non-toxic. The feel of Verde is a forgiving material that will make it safe and easy for you and your family. We pride ourselves on sourcing rich, quality wallpaper cloths that help our world and your home environments. 

Our Goldie paper option has a subtle yet elegant golden hue, unlike any other peel and stick options out there. The golden undertone elevates the paper quality and the design to bring you a finished product that looks one-of-a-kind. The shimmer effect of a Goldie wallpaper design takes it a step above your traditional wall covering. The finish is clean and leaves a space feeling mesmerizing.

How to Avoid Creases with your Paper Simply Wallpaper

Top Two Reasons Wallpaper Can Wrinkle

Reason 1. Mistakes made during the smoothing process

It is crucial to smooth things over, slowly and gently. The wrong approach or incorrect technique when pressing on and smoothing out your wallpaper will make the installation tricky and your finished product less than perfect.

Reason 2. Surface is uneven

To make sure your project runs smoothly, (literally) it is essential to prepare the surface properly before hanging your wallpaper. Unwanted grooves and valleys can form, causing unpleasant dips or air pockets under your mural.