Measure the height and width of the wall you would like to cover. If the wall has varying heights, use the highest measurement to ensure you have ample material. Measure twice and order once.

Select the pattern you would like and whether you want it printed on VERDE (our eco material) or GOLDIE (our shimmery material).

Place your order & wait by the door for your special package to arrive!
Using a clean, damp cloth, clean the surface and allow to dry fully.
If your wall is NOT a level 4 or 5 finish, it may require additional wall covering adhesive to adhere properly.

Recommended tools easy and quick install: Ladder, Level, New or Sharp Cutting Tool, Pencil, Straight Edge Ruler, Sponge and/or Soft Cloth, 1 Extra Helper

Each panel is numbered at the bottom. Panel #1 will begin on the lefthand side of the wall and panels continue to the right sequentially. Layout the panels to ensure you have enough material to cover your wall.

Step TWO.
Start by measuring from top left corner of wall to 48” inward and mark an “x” with a pencil.

Use a level starting at the 48” mark to ensure you are getting an accurate vertical line, then draw a straight line all the way down with your level.

Align the right side of Panel #1 to the level line you drew.

A few inches at a time, peel back the paper and install in a downward motion, ensuring you are lining up the panel along the right level line. Smooth out bubbles gently from center to sides.

Move onto Panel #2, which should simply align to the right edge of Panel #1. No need to overlap. Take your time, all panels will align perfectly. Repeat this step until all panels are hung on the wall.

Once the whole wall is hung with paper, use your cutting tool to remove any excess paper at the top, as well as at base board, wall edges, and corner. Make sure your blade is brand new to ensure precise and even cutting!

Enjoy your beautiful new wall! Cheers!

Download your instructions HERE.
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Our “Verde” paper is a white eco-friendly option made from recycled materials. It has more of a matte finish and looks like an artists canvas. If you are looking for a more natural look Verde will make a great option for you.

Our “Goldie” textile features a subtle, yet elegant golden hue thanks to its pearlescent over wash. This finish is unlike any other peel and stick option out there. For a more polished and glamorous look select Goldie.

All of our designs can be printed on either paper stock for added versatility to match your style and unique look.

Sample – $5.00

12’w x 10′ h – $299.00 (Free Shipping)

18’w x 10’h – $449.00 (Free Shipping)

24’w x 12’h – $599.00 (Free Shipping)

Sample – $5.00

12’w x 10′ h – $499.00 (Free Shipping)

18’w x 10’h – $699.00 (Free Shipping)

24’w x 12’h – $989.00 (Free Shipping)