How to Shop Wall Paper for the Right Room

How to Shop Wall Paper for the Right Room



Wallpapering has become increasingly popular in the world of interior design. What used to be the road less traveled has now come center stage and has brought up the big question, how do you know what wallpaper selection is best for each room of your home? This question can feel daunting with the number of colors, styles, patterns, and textures to consider. We have gathered a few tips for you to keep in mind to help you with your search. We have the perfect design options for all of the rooms in your home in our wall covering catalog. 


The Right Wallpaper for the Right Room


Take a moment to survey the state of your current interiors. Need a refresh? Do you plan on keeping the design scheme you have currently, or are you planning on refreshing multiple items within your space? If you are going for a simple and time-saving approach, you'll want your new wall covering to fit seamlessly into your current environment. Depending on the room's use and its size, it will also guide you in determining if you want your space to appear larger, smaller, or even longer or taller. Other ways to apply your wallpaper to your setting could be in the form of an accent wall, chair railings, or even the ceiling. Here are our wallpaper tip breakdowns for each room of your home. 

Experiment Peel and Stick Wallpaper


The living room is the heart of the home for many families. Depending on your home's layout, you could be considering options for two types of living rooms. One could be formal, while the other is more casual. Depending on its use could determine how frequently the living area is utilized and who dwells within it. If you are decorating your casual living room, this area will likely see the most foot traffic and be the most appropriate social setting. Because your living area is meant for everyone, you'll want to make the space appealing to all who interact with it. Easy on the eye patterns, as we like to call them, do well as backdrops to living areas so that they don't appear too busy or overwhelming. Subtle designs go a long way here and layer in that extra touch of luxury.  


One of our favorite rooms in the house is the kitchen! The kitchen serves us as a haven for various activities like homework, dining, entertaining, work, and of course, food prep. We suggest choosing something fun for your kitchen backdrop. This will keep the energy in the space lively for all the possible happenings. For those busier than usual households, you may consider an anti-microbial wallpaper to keep everyone safe and healthy. Make your kitchen wall-covering is personal to you and your family. This will make for a classic finish and set the mood while providing all the necessary comfort. 


 The bedroom is meant to be your place to escape. While your whole home can serve as your sanctuary, your master bedroom is your private safe place. The stresses of the world have no place here, and neither do busy or vibrant wall coverings. To take refuge in your space, discover colors, textures, and design elements that help you wind down from a busy day. Stick with those colors that soothe and create an ambiance of solitude. Monochromatic color pallets are very fashionable and calming, while subdued patterns offer a cozy and warm feeling that helps your overall psyche. 

Paper Simply Wallpaper


Wallpaper and moisture don't play nicely with one another. If you are looking to wallpaper your bathroom, opt for a non-woven or vinyl-based material that will repel moisture. Small spaces can make a significant impact with a vibrant pattern or energizing textured wall covering. Make it bold and make it you with a peel-able and fashionable backdrop. 

 Whether you're an experienced interior designer or a DIY homeowner, our catalog of wallpaper designs will take the fear out of refreshing the walls of your life. You can find inspiration for your interiors on our social media channels, or feel free to contact us directly. We would love to help you get started and see your own environment's transformation come to life.